Event - May 21st
Reimagining public-interest innovation in the age of AI monopolies

A global team Championing
Responsible AI

We foster collective intelligence to empower citizens, companies, and public decision-makers, and pave the way to a sustainable and inclusive digital transition.

Our mission

Fondation Abeona

Fondation Abeona brings together global leaders, driven by a common taste for innovation, concern for social impact, and a strong ethical sensibility.

We work alongside committed partners

Research teams, companies and think thanks: all are committed to guiding collective intelligence on the path to a sustainable and inclusive digital transition.

- Championing Responsible AI

As long as it is designed and developed to serve humans and society, AI holds unprecedented potential to solve the major challenges of our time. It is by decoding tomorrow's solutions that we will build, together, a fairer, more sustainable and more inclusive world.