The AI & Society Institute invites you to
a panel discussion on

Reimagining public-interest innovation in the age of AI monopolies:
A panel discussion with global AI experts


The event brings together three
world renowned leaders in AI research

Meredith Whittaker

President, Signal

Amba Kak

Co-executive Director,
AI Now

Abeba Birhane

Senior Advisor, AI Accountability,
Mozilla Foundation

In conversation

Tanya Perelmuter

Co-founder, Fondation Abeona

Remarks by

Anne Bouverot

Chair of the board,
École normale supérieure

May 21st, 6.30pm at École normale supérieure
Salon de la Direction
45 rue d'ULM-75005 Paris

What do we mean when we talk about "AI", and how are these technologies linked to the US-dominance of tech that have accrued to a handful of US firms through the platform business model?

What other modes of "AI" could we imagine? And how do we push back on the “bigger-is-better” approach that typifies the field currently, particularly the insatiable appetite for (private) data and the climate consequences of energy-hungry large AI systems?

Kindly RSVP by May 17 to secure your seat.