Championing Responsible AI

« Championing Responsible AI, we foster collective intelligence to empower citizens, companies, and public decision-makers, to build a sustainable and inclusive digital transition. »

Anne Bouverot & Tanya Perelmuter, co-founders of Fondation Abeona

We are living through a time of unprecedented challenges as the global warming and explosion of inequalities crystallize fears and widen the social divide.

More than ever, it is time to engage an economic, ecological, and inclusive transition, leveraging social and environmental innovation for the benefit of all.

Provided that it is designed and developed to serve humans and society, artificial intelligence holds unprecedented potential for solving the major challenges of our time.

Aware of the social and environmental risks that AI can present, Fondation Abeona is committed to decoding tomorrow's solutions to build a fair, inclusive, and sustainable world.

Founded in 2018 by an engaged team, Fondation Abeona defends a resolutely human and ethical approach to artificial intelligence.

Our ambitions

Guide citizens, companies and public decision-makers in their understanding and use of AI, by making them aware of the societal impacts linked to its deployment.

To advance this goal, we work with dedicated partners around the world. These research teams, companies and think thanks are all committed to guiding collective intelligence along the path of a sustainable and inclusive digital transition.

Because we are convinced that Europe must play a leading role in the development of international governance frameworks, we call on all actors from civil society and business to join us in defining values and structures for implementing responsible AI.