Research on machine learning for neurodegenerative diseases

Neurodegenerative diseases, the best known of which is Alzheimer’s disease, affect millions of people and develop over decades before the first symptoms appear. Supported by the Fondation Abeona, the Paris Brain Institute’s project, “Brain@Scale”, aims to develop a machine learning algorithm to better diagnose neurodegenerative diseases based on brain images.

Multiple sclerosis is the second most common cause of severe disability after road accidents. It appears on average at the age of 30 and affects 3 women for every 1 man. Its origin is multifactorial and its progression varies greatly from person to person. Supported by the Fondation Abeona, the “Bio Progress” project, led by the Paris Brain Institute (ICM), aims to establish predictive markers for the evolution of the disease on an individual level in order to eventually implement personalized therapies.

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