Our Projects

Raising awareness and advancing best practices on Fairness and Equity In AI

What is Justice in Artificial Intelligence?

In partnership with Ecole Normale Supérieure, we are launching a visiting Chair in AI and Justice,
Dr. Kate Crawford, co-founder of the AI Now Institute, professor at NYU, and researcher at Microsoft, will be the inaugural chair holder.
She gave an introductory lecture on September 18th at ENS.

What can we do to ensure algorithms are equitable and unbiased?

We are delighted to work with Institut Montaigne and have launched a working group and a series of auditions of experts on bias in algorithms.  We will be producing concrete recommendations for action, for political decision makers  and business leaders.

Our decisions have always been biased. Why would it be different for algorithms?

We have launched a partnership with TelecomParis researchers in computer science and economics who
then produced an excellent article « Algorithms: Bias, Discrimination and Equity »

We also have projects in neuroscience

Bio-statistics to fight Multiple Sclerosis

Dr Violetta Zujovic, Sclerose en Plaques / Multiple Sclerosis, ICM

Machine Learning to cure neurogenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's

Olivier Colliot, Brain@Scale, ICM & CNRS